Happy’s Chinese Restaurant has a large range of menu items, including many specialty dishes. Special dietary requirements can be catered for, and there is a good selection of vegetarian dishes available.



Chefs Suggestions

Fried fish fillets topped with sweet corn sauce

Steamed bean curd with Tasmanian scallops

Chinese vegetables topped with shredded pork and mushroom sauce

Shandong chicken

Eggplant with shredded pork in a hot pot

Eggplant with king prawns in a hot pot

Water spinach with garlic and chilli

Stir fried port with dried chinese fungus and snow peas

Pork stew

Beef stew

Steam whole / king prawn with garlic and chilli

Boneless chicken and black bean sauce in a hot pot

Stuffed bean curd topped with seafood

Szechwan chicken

Roast chicken stuffed with preserved red bean curd sauce

Shredded pork with capsicum and zha chai

Deep fried squid with salt and pepper

Deep fried white bait with salt and pepper

White bait omelette

Fillet Steak in wasabi sauce

Prawns XO sauce

Scallops XO sauce

Eggplant and pork in a hot pot

Stuffed eggplant with salt and pepper


Snow prawn ball

Sun choy pao

Fried prawn and shallot

Vegetable spring roll

Dim sims (fried or steamed)

Happy’s spring rolls

Mix Entrees

Prawn toast

King prawn cutlets

Prawn Chips

Fried wontons

Soup (Entree)

Long soup

Short soup

Hot and sour soup

Beef and vegetable soup

Crab meat and bean curd soup

Chicken and bean curd soup

Crab meat and sweet corn soup

Chicken and sweet corn soup

Crab meat and mushroom soup

Chicken and mushroom soup

Egg flower and pork soup

Vegetable hot and sour soup

Noodle Soup

Combination long soup

Combination short soup

Combination rice noodle soup

Duck rice vermicelli soup

Pork and picked veges rice vermicelli soup

Pork veges rice vermicelli soup

Seafood short soup

Sizzling Dishes

Sizzling boneless fish in sweet and sour sauce

Sizzling prawn with black pepper

Sizzling garlic prawn

Sizzling seafood combination

Sizzling fillet steak with black pepper

Sizzling steak

Sizzling lamb fillet

Sizzling chicken fillet

Sizzling pork ribs

Sizzling Duck with plum sauce

Sate Dishes

Sate scallop

Sate prawn

Sate combination

Sate squid

Sate beef

Sate lamb

Sate chicken

Sate pork rib


Scallops with BBQ sauce

Scallops with black bean sauce

Scallops with garlic sauce

Scallops with baby corn

Seafood combination

Squid with chinese vegetable

Squid and black bean sauce

Jelly fish and cucumber

Jelly fish and chicken

Spicy chilli Seafood combination

Birdnest Dishes

Scallops in a birdsnest

Snow prawn ball

Seafood in a birdsnest

Rainbow steak in a birdsnest

Chicken fillet in a birdsnest

Fried boneless quail in a birdsnest


Steamed whole fish in soya sauce

Steamed whole fish in black bean sauce

Deep fried whole fish in salt and pepper

Fish fillet with ginger and shallot

Fish fillet XO sauce

Spicy chilli fish fillet


Fried whole prawns in special sauce

Fried whole prawns in salt and pepper

Honey prawns

Shanghai prawns

Prawn with BBQ sauce

Prawn with black bean sauce

Prawn and baby corns

Prawn and almond

Prawn and cashew nuts

Prawn and chinese vegetable

Curry king prawn

Spicy chilli prawn

Prawn combination

Prawn and asparagus

Lychees prawn

Prawn and mushroom

Garlic prawn

Prawns with wasabi sauce


Chicken in crab meat sauce

Banana chicken

Chicken and almond

Chicken and cashew nut

Fried chicken with chilli and cashew nut

Chicken and snow peas

Chicken fillet and mangoes

Chicken fillet and asparagus

Chicken and mushroom

Chicken and champignons

Chicken in BBQ sauce

Chicken in black bean sauce

Curry chicken

Chicken and chinese vegetable

Steamed chicken and mixed vegetable

Deep fried boneless chicken in fruit sauce

Deep fried boneless chicken in lemon sauce

Crisp skin fried chicken

Deep fried boneless chicken in soya sauce

Steamed chicken in soya sauce

Fried chicken piece with salt and pepper

Spicy hot mongolian chicken

Chicken XO sauce


Deep fried crisp skin duck with taro

Deep fried boneless duck in lemon sauce

Deep fried boneless duck in sweet and sour sauce

Steamed duck with sweet ginger

Steamed duck with chilli sauce

Steamed duck combination

Steamed duck with crab meat sauce

Steamed duck with mushroom

Steamed duck with asparagus

Steamed duck with mixed vegetable

Steamed duck with ginger shallot


Fillet steak chinese style

Fillet steak in BBQ sauce

Fillet steak in black bean sauce

Fillet steak in garlic sauce

Beef and cashew nut

Beef and baby corn

Beef in chinese five spicy sauce

Honey beef

Beef in black bean sauce

Beef in BBQ sauce

Beef and sweet ginger and pineapples

Beef and ginger and shallots

Beef in garlic sauce

Beef with chinese vegetables

Beef and almonds

Beef and chinese mushrooms

Chilli beef

Spicy hot chilli beef

Spicy hot mongolian beef

Beef XO sauce


Deep fried pork ribs with salt and pepper

Deep fried port ribs in plum sauce

Pork ribs in hot and spicy sauce

Pork ribs in black bean sauce

Chinese BBQ pork

Sliced pork with asparagus

Sliced pork and baby corns

Sliced pork in black bean sauce

Sliced pork in BBQ sauce

Sliced pork and ginger and shallots

Sliced pork and garlic and onion

Sliced pork and chinese vegetable

Sliced pork in lemon or plum sauce


Spicy hot mongolian lamb fillet

Braised lamb in chinese five spicy sauce

Deep fried lamb in mint sauce

Deep fried lamb in sweet and sour sauce

Deep fried lamb in lemon or plum sauce

Lamb fillet in spicy and chilli sauce

Braised lamb with ginger and shallots

Sweet and Sour

Sweet and sour prawn (fried or braised)

Sweet and sour combination

Sweet and sour fried squid

Sweet and sour fish fillets

Sweet and sour chicken (fried or braised)

Sweet and sour beef

Sweet and sour pork


Prawn omelette

Combination omelette

Chicken omelette

Chinese BBQ pork omelette

Vegetable omelette

Been Curd

Bean curd with seafood combination hot pot

Combination bean curd hot pot

Fried bean curd and shrimps

Fried bean curd in crab meat sauce

Happy’s special bean curd nuggets

Bean curd in chilli sauce with mince beef

Fried bean curd in pork and mushroom sauce

Fried stuffed bean curd in salty pepper

Vegetable Dishes

Fried mushroom and bamboo shoots

Vegetables combination in a hot pot

Mix vegetables

Vegetables chow mein

Steamed vegetables in oyster sauce

Fried bean curd with vegetable and chilli

Fried eggplant with salt and pepper

Fried bean curd with salt and pepper

Mix vegetables in sate sauce

spicy chilli eggplant hot pot

Rice Noodle

Seafood combination fried rice noodle

Prawn fried rice noodles

Combination fried rice noodles

BBQ pork fried rice noodles

Beef fried rice noodles with black bean sauce

Beef fried rice noodles with soya sauce

Beef fried rice noodles

Pork fried rice noodles

Singapore fried rice vermicelli

Fried rice vermicelli and pork picked veges

Prawns and egg Fried rice noodles

Beef and egg fried rice noodles

Chow Mein

Seafood combination chow mein

Prawn chow mein

Fillet of fish chow mein

Combination chow mein

Chicken chow mein

BBQ pork chow mein

Beef chow mein

Pork chow mein


Fried rice fookien style

Seafood combination rice

Curry prawn and rice

Prawn tomato sauce and rice

Combination rice

Chinese BBQ pork and rice

Curry chicken and rice

Curry beef and rice

Chicken tomato sauce and rice

Beef tomato sauce and rice

Beef fried rice

Special fried rice

Fried rice

Boil rice

Vegetable fried rice

Seafood combination fried rice

Chicken and salted fish fried rice

Chicken and pineapple fried rice


Deep fried ice cream

Lychee and ice cream

Fried banana fritter and ice cream


Chinese tea

Orange juice

Apple juice

Coke, lemonade, lemon squash etc

Lemon or peach iced tea

Also fully licenced bar